Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sous-street art in Paris

The city of lights has a dark side, the catacombs of course.  Not only are crews of taggers and graffiti artists painting walls up high above the roof tops like this round lettered throw up in Place Italie
look at that white sky, shall I say achromic?

and trucks you can see almost anywhere

but they go underground hauling their materials down man holes and through metro tunnels to paint images like the Hokusai wave in a room called the Beach.

photo:  Gakuranman

Here is a blogpost by GAKURANMAN whose photo I borrowed.  

National Graphic printed a special issue in Febrary 2011 about the underground art scene. And then see a video on vimeo about sous-street art in Paris And well Don Duncan did a story in 2010 for  The Wall Street Journal did a story in 2010.

I think I'll take their word for granted and just stay above the tarmac.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Street Art in the fifth arrondissement of Paris

This is Invader, I think. It's a mosaic made from bathroom tiles, somehow applied to the facade of buildings.  I haven't read the laws yet on street art in France but from what I've heard something applied cannot be punished because it's not permanent.  I'd love to get this off the wall and hang it in my house but look where it is.

There fruit stand on Rue Mouffetard is just below this little roof.  I don't think I'll be jumping up there anytime soon with fresh strawberries in my sac.
 Now look at this sign picture. See anything funny?
What about that no entry sign?

This also is applied, just black plastic cut out and stuck on.  A French artist living in Florence named Clet Abraham does these.   I'm not sure if this is his, looks like it.
Rue Pascal and Rue Claude Bernard.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Grafrank, Jef Aerosol and Invader

One of my favorite Street Artists in Paris is Jef Aerosol.  Here's a montage of Gainsbourg pochoirs that inhabit Butte aux Cailles done by Jef Aerosol

photo courtesy of web

But check out Grafrank  It's a global graffiti ranking site.  Looks like Invader is more popular than he.

I realize that these funny little mosaics were Street Art because they are so discreet and not sprayed on the wall.  BUT if it is just glued there I think that one cannot be prosecuted.  I have to research the laws regarding tags.  Will let you know.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

French Election street art

The workshop and pitch session organised by Tioka from SCWBI France was awesome.  What a treat  to speak one on one with amazing Jessica Regel.  So elegant a woman.

She gave me great insight and has inspired me deeply...  I'm not sure how much I should tell about my project. 

Here is a photo from place Saint Medard.  The nationwide adminsitrative elections will be decided today.  As you can see any occasion is worthy to tag, especially these official election affiche plastering a construction site wall.

The ten month hiatus from my main writing project brought a clarity of mind that I didn't have before.  I guess I can thank all those events that blocked me from pushing the project, like chewing on a Carambar that sticks your teeth together. I hate Carambar

But check out this: Good Luck Carambar

a marketing madness, I wonder if they can pull it off, what dorky jokes, I guess the French accent makes the deal.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Pitch Workshop with Jessica Regel through SCBWI

After a year's pause in writing the need bubbled up again. There was no room for extras last year with moving and five exhibitions hogging the scene.  Several events happened that reminded me to finish my project.

One was unpacking. The great thing about moving though is that you open all the boxes and leaf through whatever hid there since you forgot about packing. Packing, ugh! Unpacking is discovery and renewel. 

So out drops this note card of that reminds me of the visit to Père Lachaise cemetery I must make in order to advance.  Gotta take notes and it's one of those places you just have to feel.  But I think I'll go in company, kind of creepy over there.

Then I talked to a Czech friend about SCBWI and how I thought I might join because the email from Tioka Toikedira to meet for a workshop and pitch session with agent Jessica Regel sounded to good to pass up.

My Czech friend asked if I'd illustrated and written any children's books, yes well then she's got to get me in contact with such and such because he's looking for that kind of story.  Oh yeah!

Bottom line I finally joined SCBWI france and tomorrow night I'll pitch my unfinished MS to Jessica at cafe near the Palais Royal.  Though from what I've heard pitching an unfinished MS is a no no.  Whatever, I'll tell her first.

Thanks Tioka! Can't wait to join the fun and learn bundles from you experts.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

back to writing

Finally I have time again to write and sub one a week.  I know this because I'm twiddling my fingers in those spare moments wondering what to do, like what should I google.  When you google your own name, you know you are in trouble...

The last few months have been fruitful: solo painting exhibition, group show, signed on with an art dealer, started with two new galleries and dealt private sales.

All this intertwined with house hunting and organizing moving, eek.

And I've read a ton of books, The best being "Ogni Angelo è Tremendo" by Susanna Tamaro, family friend of James Joyce.  I love how she describes the visits to art galleries her mother took her to as a child.  Her reaction to contemporary art was, should I puke or should I not puke.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

in a whirlwind

There is so much going on with my painting that I had to buy an agenda to keep track of all the appointments.

The extra time I had for writing and submitting stories once a week is consumed by communicating with people and dealing with moving.  Yes we are moving house soon.  Luckily not my atelier. All those bureaucratic details that seem like splinters in your thumb.  You just gotta deal with them.  Maybe I can at least post on my blog.

Last Night I got a call from a gallerist in Metz, In 3 Arts.  Tomorrow at least ten people are coming to the atelier and bringing the aperatif, monday and art dealer and Tuesday I go to Honfleur to make an exchange of painting with another gallery.  Then next week Terre des Arts will retrieve paintings for my show in a few weeks, there will be over 30 paintings.

After that I've got to paint my butt off for the Grand Marché d'art Contemporain(GMAC)  at place Saint Suplice in Paris's 6th Arrondissement.  That Saint Suplice, you know the church from Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code.  Yes we'll be right in front of that under a tendopoli.  Should be fun and hopefully the weather will be fantastic.

Here is the painting that I've kept for the GMAC:

It is unfinished in this picture.

On top of all that activity, since the first of February, I painted and sent the first forty small works to Carré d'Artistes.